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Outer Banks Sports Tourism is a non profit organization. Our mission is to promote, support and organize sports competitions and amateur sporting events in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We believe that sporting events can provide additional tourism to the Outer Banks, with significant impacts during the shoulder seasons.


We Believe…

…that sports tourism represents a great opportunity to bring visitors to the Outer Banks;

…that increased vacation visits will benefit local hotels, rental houses, restaurants, shops and entertainment and activities merchants;

…that sports tourism is a growing industry with expediential growth potential in the Outer Banks;

…that participation in sports help teach kids about sportsmanship, hard work, dedication, sacrifice, teamwork, how to handle both success and failure;

…that participation in sports are a positive alternative to the many “not so wholesome” activities that young people might otherwise find themselves engaged in;

…that participation in sports promotes a healthy lifestyle and provides a great opportunity for kids and adults to enjoy a wholesome family activity;


Our Goals:
  1. To create and maintain a central website to promote all sporting events in the Outer Banks.
  2. To support and promote local sports teams, organizations, sporting events and their fundraising efforts.
  3. To provide sports minded volunteers information about upcoming sports events and volunteer opportunities.
  4. To support, promote, raise awareness and increase participation for local sports teams, organizations and events.
  5. To support, promote and organize sporting events in the Outer Banks.
  6. To partner with local, regional and national amatuer sports organizations to promote sporting events in Outer Banks.
  7. To provide and promote greater connectivity between sports teams, organizations, officials, facilities, suppliers, vendors, volunteers, lodging partners, local merchants and other related organizations in the Outer Banks.
  8. To establish a scholarship fund for local athletes who will be playing collegiate sports.
  9. To support and promote efforts to improve and upgrade existing sports facilities in the Outer Banks.
  10. To support and promote efforts to build additional sports facilities in the Outer Banks.


Contact Us

To have your non profit team, league, organization and/or event listed on our website, please email information about your organization and event, including any logos and/or event flyers (JPEG, GIF format) to:


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